Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here we go again.

Life is a cycle of cycles. Right now I'm continuing up the hill towards a healthy body. Again. I've done it before, two years ago April I was practically skinny. :) Currently I'm at an unhealthy weight and size. Over 200lbs and wearing 18's. *shudder* I started trying to get back to healthy last March. I had high hopes I'd already be there now. But life happens and I quit trying so here I am at about the same spot.

There's hope though. I found an exercise dvd I actually like and can do. It's called Walk Off The Pounds, by Leslie Sansone. Thanks to some friends at the bulletin board I borrowed a dvd of hers from the library then got my own. I'm up to walking 2 miles.

Two very sweet friends got me started at WW about ten weeks ago and that has been a good experience too. I bombed over Christmas and gained what I'd lost back. But over the past week I worked really hard. I journaled what I ate. Every weekday morning I walked and one night even went to the gym. Wednesdays are crazy there, I won't be back on a Wed. This afternoon I weighed in at WW and I'm down 5lbs. Whoohoo! Fifty-five to go, but this is a good start.

Last Tuesday Tim issued me a challenge, or an incentive, call it what you wish. If I can be down 20lbs by my birthday just 12 weeks away then he will treat me to an amazing date. I'm going to get to wear that hot red dress I bought last fall. I'm going to do it! :) Five down, fifteen to go by April 7th.