Monday, September 24, 2007

Eating Starburst

So how many pieces are in a pack of Starburst? If they're old, enough to make your jaw hurt before you finish them. LOL Did you know you can buy a big bag of Starburst at Walmart in the US for $1.97 but in Canada you get about 1/3 the same bag for $1.37??? What gives? If I'd realized that I'd have stocked up.

So here I am, school's done for the day. Gabs is still napping. The big girls are watching tv waiting for Gabs to wake up so we can go to the park, which needs to happen soon. There's laundry waiting in the dryer and the washer, but there's no empty clothes basket!!! So I shut the dryer door and flicked the light off. :p

I'm sorting out the Pampered Chef supplies in my office. They're getting boxed up so I can ship them out to my Director in Alberta. That's gonna make some space. I'll also need to list on E-bay or something the bags and carrying containers I've accumulated. Who needs all these Pampered Chef totes??? Me apparently. :p

One couch and chair are gone from my living room. My favorite couch is still here. It needs a new home but part of me doesn't want it to go. The reality is there is no place to store it so it's foolish to keep it. We have two new-to-us couches coming today and tomorrow. Tim's bringing them home after work.

That means the toy room needs cleaned out so the futon can move to the office. Hence the reason I'm cleaning in the office. No way a futon will fit at the moment. :P We're gonna have a busy week. If we actually get it all done! The girls computer may be moving back to the open room. I'm considering moving our home schooling things downstairs as well.

What I really want is to move. LOL Maybe we'll drive by that house two towns over sometime this week. 2500 sq ft of living space. Whooooooaaaaaa! :) And a fireplace. *swoon* I'm still working on that "being content whatever my circumstances." :)

Hope you're having a candy sweet day~


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