Saturday, September 22, 2007

What if?

It's that time of life. Our youngest, is turning three. She's passing milestones so fast I can't keep track of them. There's very little of the baby she was left in the child she is now. So Baby Fever is at a peak. We love our girls. We've been so blessed with sweet, fun, beautiful girls. So watching Gabs gain independence and grow into an amazing girl has my heart panging for another baby to hold and cuddle. My baby won't hardly sit still!

My mind is drifting to the what if's. What if we were expecting another one. Hypothetically what would happen now? Let's say it's a go and the due date is around June 10th. What now?

Well, first. . . .we have about six weeks before I feel sick and can't cook anything. So I should stock up on cereal for Tim and the girls now. Then we have some serious decluttering to do because if you've seen our house you know there just isn't room for a baby at this moment. Let alone all the paraphernalia that goes with caring for a baby. Where are we going to put the girls? We either need to move or make another room in the basement somehow.

Let's say we're going to move. . .before the baby. That means the flooring downstairs needs replaced, possibly the front windows and sometime between now and June we need a couple thousand dollars banked for lawyers and moving fees. Plus packing. So again, we're back to decluttering.

And remember that paraphernalia for babies? Well, we don't have it anymore. No crib, change table, carseat, etc. Oh wait! Gabs car seat may switch to a infant seat and she'll be able to bump into a booster seat in another 4lbs. . .buy sugary cereal to boost her weight quickly. Kidding.

Then there's doctors visits, diclectin prescriptions, blood work, the holding a swimming pool worth of water test. I have no maternity clothes and my fat clothes are already tight. Not to mention an aching body, exhaustion, and home schooling. Remember that? My girls still need to be learning all the while. :)

If the baby would be here by June 10th that's just lovely. . .it's smack dab in the middle of crazy season for Tim at work. So I'm going to need some help. But there isn't going to be any! Thankfully it would be summer time so the girls could play outside, hopefully at a new house with a fenced yard so I wouldn't have to worry about Gabs going adventuring. She takes after her father and is fearless about being on her own.

Here's where I'm landing. I'm thankful this is a hypothetical because while the idea of another baby is romantic the reality sounds like a lot of hard work. Would I be thrilled if it were not hypothetical? Yes. Am I relieved it is? Yes. :D It think it's awesome that God is in charge and not me. No matter what happens He's in control and I'm never out of His hands. :)

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