Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunshine Through The Rain

     Today completes week 3 of our 2011/2012 homeschool year.  It has been THE most hectic week so far and I quipped earlier this week it felt like we were running through Molasses in January.  Everything took more effort and we saw fewer results for our work it seemed. 

      Today is a rainy day and it's a good day for reflection.  Largely because I am tired and don't have the energy to get up and do anything that needs doing like vacuum the floor, start the apple pie, put laundry away, or even yet to activate the children to do the above chores.  I'm sipping hot chocolate, filled with sugar and I'll pay for that later, feeling warm and content.

     There have been so many activities and so much running around that the week feels like a blur. I'd have to refer to my calendar to remember what all we did.  Every once in a while having a week packed like this week is a good thing because it helps me remember how much I loathe being this busy and remind me that while I'd like to be super mom, I'm not.  I'm Sara. I'm the one who needs margin in the day to stay cheerful and margin in the week to refresh so I don't burn out.

     Everything we did this week was GOOD. Some of it was very good and we enjoyed it.  The girls and I are loving baking for the soup kitchen and are looking forward to sticking around next week to take the treats around.  The people who are blessed by the soup kitchen have expressed an interest in getting to know us and we are looking forward to time to do the same.  I've already booked Wednesday of next week as a non book school day.  What kind of education do children gain from baking for people, serving them and then visiting with those same people?  The kind you don't get in a classroom setting or even in a home if you just stay there! 

     The weather forecast was iffy for this week. In fact it called for rain but we decided it was still a good week for a food drive.  God used this opportunity to show the girls a very vivid answer to prayer.  The meteorologists called for rain.  God held it back.  Today when we picked up he held it back to the very minute we delivered the last of the food. WOW!! Awesome God!  The girls broke into song singing that very one on our way to the food bank and haven't stopped talking all day about how cool it is that God held back the rain. 

     Swimming lessons are going well. They are fish. Hee hee.  My oldest is so excited to be working towards her life guard license.  It won't happen until she is 16 but she is loving the classes now.  I can't imagine going to a two hour class for swimming but she is thriving with it.  She can't wait to volunteer with swimming lessons.  We do need to locate a swimsuit for dd2.  I'm searching online for that.

     This week was supposed to be a shorter week for me work wise but life happened and I worked an extra shift.  I'm glad I was available to help out.  I'm also glad today is a day off!  The second one in a row although yesterday sure didn't feel like a day off! 

     OH! Our Science Co-Op! It went really well.  The younger kids just played this time and the highlight of the day wasn't science but was the nerf gun fight after class.  Kids! LOL  The Science discussion with the kids was good and the experiment was interesting.  I am looking forward to this group setting for learning and can't wait to see where God takes this.

  That's about all for now.  It's raining again, but there was sunshine when we needed it and I'm thankful for it!

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