Thursday, September 1, 2011

See You Later!

     I refuse to say, "Goodbye" to a friend like the one whose family officially left our town today.  Memories play in my head like the best movie I've ever seen.  Smiles, laughter, tears and even pain mingled together to become a friendship worth having, holding and working to keep.  I admit that I am worried I will fail to keep in touch and will lose something precious. But that worries lasts just for a moment because then it dawns on me that even if I didn't speak to her for a year, due to my own lack of communication skills, I could walk up to her front door ring the door bell and know I would be welcomed inside.  And I would feel the same about her ringing my door bell at any moment.

     Because of where God has placed our family I have experienced friends who are closer than a brother, literally.  I love my family and treasure them, don't misunderstand me.  But I don't get to live life with my family nearby.  I have been gifted with friends who have become family.  Friends who have become my community and who I experience church with when we are together. 

     Today a chapter in my friends life ended, and mine with it, along with many many other people.  But our story isn't done.  Her story is continuing in another place and they will bless those people who don't even know they are coming!  Here in my town new women have come into my life and I look forward to the relationships that will develop over this next year. 

     I'm tempted to list all I will miss, but I haven't cried yet today. I've come close a couple of times.  I really don't want to cry.  So I'm just going to let this post for now be my, "See you later!" and go find something to keep my mind and hands busy until it's time to go to sleep. 

     If you have a friend in your life that you treasure, TELL HER! If you've been too busy to get together, make it a priority.  Pick up a card and write her a note.  Pick up the phone and call.  Send her an e-mail.  Invite her for coffee.  Have the family over for dinner.  Treasure the time you have because despite it feeling like this is the way it is and will be forever life happens, things change and you never know when time is up until it's nearly time!  It's worth it and  you won't regret it. f


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