Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting There

I have a destination in mind.  When we travel I'm excited about arriving, but I also thoroughly enjoy the journey.  We see new things, new places, new people and sometimes get to taste new food.  I enjoy that.  I have a destination in mind now too.

I have a healthy me in mind.  I want to hurry up and get there, but it's a long journey there, not an airplane ride with nearly instant results.  Along the way so far I've found I love Falafel pita's (new food), and that I'm enjoying jogging (new things), and even like lifting weights and doing strength training.  I'm considering running a 5K in the fall, that will be a new place.  I now know the names of a few and the faces of all the regulars at the Y in the early morning. 

Sometimes on a trip we reach a place in our travelling where it feels like we'll never ever get there.  It feels like we're barely moving and we'll never make it.  "Are we there yet?!"  That's where I sit right now.  But I know that I will.  I know that I have made progress.  I would have to go backwards to get to where I started.  I'm moving towards my goal.  I'm getting there. 

Weight today 195, total lost 16lbs, and 23 inches. 
Today I walked  doing hills, 2.9 miles in 49 minutes, jogging the last 9 minutes.  That's just today.  I've covered miles and miles in my early morning exercising and despite being in the same place location wise I'm getting there physically. :)

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