Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jumping In

I'm really  not a sit around and wait for things to change kind of girl.  I'm more of a think of something and then DO IT.  Sometimes something occurs to me and I think, "I want to _____" but I don't do it right away, then all of the sudden something clicks and I just do it. 

Today I have been fighting feeling blue all day.  Same as yesterday.  I know it's hormonal but it's still a fight.  I've cleaned things I've wanted to be cleaned. Like the top of the fridge.  And the counter.  I hate having every inch covered with something, it's driving me nuts.  So I found room in the cupboards for the containers and emptied expired vitamin bottles to make room for cereal and ta'da! more counter space.  I wanted to clear the top of the pantry cupboard.  It's not clear but it is tidy and I'm satisfied for the moment.  I rearranged the pictures of the fridge ditching ones that were o-l-d.  Throwing out magnets to things I have no interest in.  It looks much nicer now.

And then I saw a friends post about concluding leading Financial Peace University.  Tim and I had talked about hosting one a year or more ago.  We talked about it but never did it.  I didn't request the info because A. my house was messy and did I really want to invite strangers in?  B. When on earth could we do it? Most are done weeknights.  C. there is no "c" those are the reasons.  So today I went on the website and requested information.  I didn't commit us to anything, just asked for info about leading it.  Then I called Tim and made sure that was ok.  As usual he's fine with it, since I didn't commit.  We'll look over the info together and then decide if it will work.  I think it will.

I've Dave Ramsey's books.  Living it is what I suck at.  Choosing to do it, it's HARD.  Harder than anything else other than losing weight.  It's equal to that, imo.  So possibly this October we will open our home, something I actually really enjoy doing, and host a Financial Peace University class.  We'll see, as Tim likes to say. 

So it's the middle of the day.  I've had coffee, ibuprofen, cold medicine, and chocolate and my spirits are up a bit.  I'm diving in!

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