Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a Keurig!

That's all really.  :) 

I sent a text to my mom this afternoon to tell her the girls gifts had arrived. So she called me.  I ended up calling her back using our MagicJack and while we were on the phone another knock at the door came.  Tim answered it and walked back into our bedroom where I was chatting on the phone carrying a HUGE box.  It said Keurig on it. 

So I said to mom, "Did you buy me a Keurig?"  She said. "Yes."  I almost cried.  I did tear up.  A few minutes later, more chatting and Tim tells me that I should tell her it just came.  I figured she knew, forgetting she can't see what I see.  So I told her that when I asked her that Tim has just walked in carrying the box. 

I think it made her day to have been on the phone with me and heard my reaction when I saw it.  We talked for a few more minutes then i told her I needed to go since I wanted a coffee. LOL  It came with 18 flavors to try.  We went to the grocery store to pick up two other flavors I'd seen but didn't buy since I didn't own a machine and it sure wasn't going to be purchased by me this Christmas.  Wow. 

I love it.  Tomorrow we're going to the city and will check out some more cool flavors, some hot chocolate, and teas even.  I can't believe it.  We have a Keurig!

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