Thursday, January 6, 2011


     The month of December passed by in a blur.  Tim had just three weeks off starting December 10th instead of finishing around December 1st as in other years.  Since he was home I offered to work more at Home Depot.  Work I did. So much so that the baking and candy making I had looked forward to all fall didn't happen.  We ran out of time.  I had no energy.  I blinked and the days were gone. 

     It's already the sixth of January and we are most of the way through our first week back at school.  The house is messy but starting to improve.  Today is my third day off of three in a row and my peace is slowly returning.  I am happy to be home.  Yesterday we had an appointment in the city and did many errands as well as a couple of fun things which took all day.  We arrived home exhausted and were happy to be here, mess and all. 

     I have learned that putting too many things on my plate, even if they are good, fun things that I want us to do results in me feeling exhausted, cranky, and anything but peaceful.  Our decision this fall to scale back and be home more was a good decision.  Even as my heart twinges at the things the girls are missing out on this fall/winter/spring in a moment it is gone and it swells with joy as I listen to them enjoying simple things like going outside to play.  It's good to simply Be Still and know that He is God.  

     I think that is probably the theme for this year.  It seems like every year God has put a theme on my heart, for two years I sat at Get Wisdom, Get Understanding.  This year I think he's telling me to slow down, sit still and just know.

     One of my goals for the year is to daily read scripture.  I've already missed and we're six days in, but that brings me to the second theme of the year.  The one that came initially.  Don't Give Up.  I quit so easily, sigh, shrug, feel horrid that I failed again.  This year as I think I said in an earlier blog I'm going to work on just getting back up and going again.   Kinda funny actually when I think about it.  Sit still, then get back up and try again. 

   For the moment now though, I am sitting with my favorite mug filled with a new favorite coffee and just being content and thankful to be here right now.  Thankful to have my girls happily playing outside in the snow.  Thankful to have an opportunity to be quiet.  Thankful to be at the start of a new year.  Thankful for food to eat, coffee to drink, and clothes to wear.  Thankful for an upcoming weekend in the city. My heart jumps and I smile just thinking about that one.  Thankful for friends that I can trust and who enjoy my girls.  Thankful for a few more months with treasured friends before they move on to a new stage of life.  Thankful.


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