Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Tubing aka Going Out Of My Comfort Zone

Snow tubing.  Riding an inner tube covered in cloth down a steep hill that is icy and slippery. Riding a carpet moving sidewalk back up the hill to do it again. 

There are a few things about that scenario I have issues with.  One, the moving carpet UP a fairly steep hill.  Two, standing at the TOP of said steep hill and looking down it knowing there's one way to get to the bottom.  Three, riding the tube down the hill at speeds I prefer to be in a car while traveling. 

I told my sweet husband and girls that I would try it.  Meaning, I would do it one time, and if I hated it, I didn't have to do it again.  So I did it, survived it and hated it.  I spent the next forty-five minutes taking pictures of the others and really didn't mind that a bit.  Then I started thinking about how wimpy it was to not do it again. 

Once? You did it once?  Really? Try it again.  You don't have to love it, but it's something your kids and husband are loving!  Next time they come down go back up the hill with them.  You can do it.  You won't die, or get hurt.  

It didn't help that we pulled into the parking lot and there was an ambulance with lights flashing sitting there.  Turns out they were simply stuck, but still. . .didn't help.  I stewed for a few moments, watched my kids and others fly down the hill screaming and laughing and decided I would do it.  Just one more time.  Then one more time.  The more often I did it the less fear I felt. 

This year is the year I quit quitting.  Today it feels like I've made some progress.  I often quit things before I start simply for fear of failing in them.  How sad.  But today I tried something new.  Then I tried it again and again until I was no longer afraid.  I do not love snow tubing.  You won't find me begging to go again.  I'm much more inclined to soak in the hot tubs at Le Scandinave, which reminds me I think it's time to go again, it's been a year! 

Maybe tomorrow I'll pick something else I've resisted doing for fear of failing.  Or maybe we'll make that this week.  I think tomorrow should be a light day of rest and recovery.  Something about four and a half hours sleep Saturday night leads me to this conclusion.  And on that note, Goodnight!

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