Friday, April 8, 2011

A Birthday for me!

I love Birthdays! Maybe when I'm really and truly old I won't, but I suspect I still will.  I love the celebration.  Love looking back on the year and knowing I survived it, hopefully thrived in it.  I love that it's a new start.  I'm 34 this year.  I don't feel a whole lot different than when I turned 14 or 24, I mean, I'm still me.  Older, bigger, hopefully wiser, but still just me. 

Some years we have celebrated my birthday in a BIG way and I've loved it.  For thirty, Tim wanted to take me to see Phantom in Toronto but I asked if we could do something else because my memories of Phantom in Chicago are amazing and I just don't think it can be matched.  However, I was blown away by his thoughtfulness and consideration.  He told me because he wanted me to be happy, smart man.  I wouldn't have been because it would've been a super fast trip to go see it and then dash back and pick up the kids from his parents. No thanks.  Instead I had a spa-day, my first ever, with two best friends.  Then we had dinner catered at one of the friends house.  It was fabulous!

Another year I was able to get AMAZING tickets to a Raptors game, and they were a decent team.  We stayed in Toronto overnight and watched the game.  Another year we did the Raptors game, hotel AND picked my dad up from the airport for a weekend visit.  Loved that too. Yet another year we drove to Illinois and I got to be with my family for a weekend visit and Tim took me for lunch at Chili's. YUM.

Yesterday was such a non-celebration day that it will probably fade in my memory as a day itself.  I worked hard cleaning and sorting, filling 5 garbage bags for Goodwill.  My girls weren't fabulous, but could've been worse.  My 6yo threw a couple of tantrums but recovered in time to not ruin the whole day.  I took them for lunch at my favorite Deli downtown and their favorite toy store.  How that celebrated my day I"m not sure, but they liked it. LOL  Then Tim took me out for supper and we had delicious burgers at a new burger place near us.  We then walked around Canadian Tire (at my request! odd) and our sad excuse for a mall.  A non-day, day.  Nothing super special. 

But see, next week I am going to Illinois.  And again it is a treat because my sweet, caring, give you the shirt off his back husband has taken time off work for ME.  I've wanted to go since my dad's motorcycle accident.  I've also wanted to attend the homeschool convention in Peoria and never have been able to.  This year John Stonestreet from Summit ministries, and Jay Wile, author of Apologia upper level science curriculum will be there.  There are multiple sessions on homeschooling high school and well, I want to go SO badly.  SO my husband has made it happen. 

While we're there I'm going with my best friend to the homeschool convention.  That is a double blessing, time with Tiffany AND the Apache convention.  Cool!  Tim will be working on my parents roof.  It badly needs replaced over the addition.  That is the kind of man he is.  Take time of work, drive 13 hours to be with your in-laws and then work your tail off.  He's amazing.  I am so blessed. 

So while the actual day yesterday was a non-huge day, my birthday was not forgotten.  My husband didn't bring me flowers or fly me to Paris.  He didn't bring me diamonds or another day at the Spa.  There was no cake, not even a card or a single gift to unwrap. But he's showing me again with his actions that he loves me, that he puts my needs and even wants above his own.  I will take that love and consideration over a million things with only earthly value. 

Thank you God, for knowing my needs and blessing me beyond measure with a man who loves you and obeys you by loving me.  Thank you for children who are healthy and normal and silly and slightly nutty.  Thank you for a home that is warm in winter and cool in summer.  Thank you for food to eat and money to be able to afford our needs.  Thank you for a job for both of us.  Thank you for friends and family who love me no matter what.  I am blessed. 

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