Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orange Blossom White Tea And Other Lovely Things.

Mmmm, can you smell it?  The sweet, warm, fragrance of my Orange Blossom tea from Timothy's.   It has a fragrance that fills my upstairs and makes me smile.  A little bit of sugar stirred in and I have a moment of bliss.  I don't normally like orange flavored things. Except I've found a couple I do.  This tea is one, and a dark chocolate with candied orange peels is another.  Different.  Sweet, tart, silky smooth and light. 

I had a moment of complete contentment today.  Am still enjoying it now actually.  My feet are propped up on a rubbermade tote. My girls are in the basement happily playing together and the puppy is asleep. 
I'm home.  The sun is shining.  My lilac bush has buds on it!  The kitchen is mostly clean.  The laundry is caught up.  Schoolwork is done for the day.  Content, I sit here. 

I'm sitting in my favorite pink chair.  Once upon a time it was a lovely chair.  Now it is simply my favorite chair.  I have two exactly alike, but this one is closer to the electrical outlet and so it's my favorite because of my laptop. 

Earlier today I posted asking for help on another forum.  My oldest has inherited her mother's inability to think. LOL, no I mean it.  She is proficient at finding answers spelled out in books, at regurgetating the words written in response to questions asked.  But ask her to answer a question that requires thought and not simply repeat information and she freezes. 
For a moment I felt failure keenly.  She can't think.  Panic and memories of being in college and not knowing how to give the professors what they wanted because it wasn't simply giving back facts found in the texts hit me full force.  Followed quickly by a desire to make sure she does know how to think.  But HOW?

So I asked other moms who homeschool their children.  These wise women overflowing with years of experience and knowledge.  They would know.  They could spell it out for me and tell me how to make this right. 

They did.  They told me they too have this problem with their children.  That their children also stare at a blank page when asked to write, and weep. I'm not alone.  She's not an exception.  This is normal and can be overcome with time and doing. . . .guess what? Exactly what I am doing! 

Thank you, God for the internet, for homeschool boards where I can quickly hear back from those who have been there, done that.  Thank you for honesty in answering and no pretending perfection!  Thank you for orange blossom tea and other lovely things. :)

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