Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Melting!

  Considering my mood the last couple of weeks that title is appropriate in several ways.  Thankfully the nasty seems to be mostly gone. It made Tim laugh to hear that I had actually been trying quite hard to not be cranky!  Lucky for him he was laughing post cranky mood.  

  The heat this week is reminding me of summers in Illinois.  Hot, humid, and sticky to the point of walking outside and feeling wet.  Even inside the house with the A/C on the humidity is getting to me.  My hands are swollen, my hair is a bit more wavy.  The garden earth is cracking even having been watered thoroughly and having had rain two nights ago. My peppers are doing just fine. LOL

  The girls and I have an adventure coming up and this week is full of preparation for that adventure.  Two weddings and a city trip.  A flight to Arizona for my oldest. It will be the first plane ride she remembers.  She flew quite a bit as a baby and toddler but she doesn't remember.

  Our dog is grossing me out at the moment.  She is dry heaving. GROSS!! Which reminds me I do have to leave the house to go to the Vet's office for more meds for her and to return the cone of shame. 

  My mind is a bit scattered so forgive the ramble along the bunny trails, please.  There is much to do before the adventure begins!  Not to mention house cleaning,  mom stuff and life in general. 

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