Sunday, July 3, 2011

That went fast!

  It's been a month without blogging. A month without just hopping on the computer whenever I wanted for whatever I wanted.  A month without wii games, or ds's, without hours in front of a screen forgetting why I got online in the first place, lol. 

A good month.  A month full of girls playing outside, reading books, playing imagination games together and drawing pictures.  We didn't do nearly all we intended to do, it may take all summer for that!

We did go to the beach, go fishing, take the dog for a walk multiple times and the little one played soccer every Tuesday night.  I journaled but forgot to remind the girls to do it and I'm disappointed in forgetting.  Which reminds me I want them to do some tomorrow afternoon. 

Overall the girls and even Tim and I agree it was a good month.  The middle one says that she really liked it. I'm hoping it will result in more time away from screens for the rest of the summer too.  The oldest was frustrated by how quickly she ran out of books.  We never did get to her sewing projects and now we have a deadline to complete the swimsuit dresses looming!  ACK!

All in all it was a successful month and I would highly recommend it to anyone who thought about trying it.  Sometimes we even talked to each other! Crazy, hey? Seriously, I think that we all appreciated each other more for the lack of electronics and my goal now will be to keep them paired down to the occasional instead of the typical activity of choice.  Bring on summer!

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