Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One More Before I Go

  Today felt like getting ready for company or something fun and it's really just getting ready to go unplugged! I worked hard today even cleaning up and then wondered WHY I was doing that? Crazy. 

  The girls are in bed and I forgot to confiscated DS's. I will have to do that in the morning.  Before I go to bed I will be unplugging the Wii, tv, dvd player etc. downstairs.  I have cancelled Netflix, no point in paying for something we won't use for a full month! I put the girls Time4Learning on hold until Aug. We'll come home from my cousins wedding and I will be happy to have something to assign them while I try to sort out the craziness we come home with. 

  I have a small update on the citizenship front.  My girls are natural born citizens because I am an American citizen and because I lived in the US for 5 years, two of them after I was 14.  WHEW! Just made that.  ;)  Nah, I had it by a couple of years.  Now the fun stuff starts though.  I need to document where I lived when and show it to the officials at the Consulate on June 13th.  Please, if you think of us, pray for us for things to go smoothly.  I'm working at it as best I can and I can tell you the perfectionist in me is having a complete and utter hissy fit over the lack of detailed information as well as access to information.  I want to call someone and confirm that what I've got is good enough BEFORE Tim takes a day off work, we drive to Toronto and spend hours doing this. 

  Today I let go a bit. I just did it.  I booked the appointments.  Even that was messy and I'm not sure I did it right.  Please, God, let them be nice.  Tim said, "They are supposed to be there to help you." OH, PLEASE let that be their mentality too when we get there!  The list of what you can't bring in is a lot more clear than the lists of what you must bring in.  I guess that's not totally true, they say you can use W2's, paystubs (which I just threw out last fall!), Medical Records, or school transcripts to prove residency.  That's what I have to have to match up with the dates of when I was where I say I was. 

 Not such a big deal. If you stayed in one city, lived in one house. But from the time I was 12-17 we moved many times. Many, many, many times.  I am hopeful that by producing my Jr. and Sr. high transcript, and possibly a copy of medical records they will say, "Man, you moved a lot, but you did obviously live in the States."  Think they'll mind if I haul in 5 years worth Yearbooks? ;)

  Here's another bump in my road. Canada post may go on strike this week.  That sure will make waiting for the transcripts FUN!  I have a backup plan though! I plan to call the school I graduated from and speak to the wonderful secretary one more time, if the transcript doesn't arrive before the strike happens.  And, I'm hopeful that perhaps the medical transcripts could be sent via Purolator or UPS or something.  We'll deal with that when the time comes.  I have 13 days to get them in hand. 

  There have been no decisions made about Tim going back to school, or moving to the States.  We have continued to think and research.  I've been praying.  But the biggest thing we've been doing is simply getting this step of the girls paperwork completed.  I will renew my US passport at the same time.  Although, Tim did send a text today saying with the 90degree weather here he's not so sure Arizona is a great idea. . . . .what about Alaska!? HA!! No way, dude!!
  Well, it's time for me to go make some corn tortillas so I can get our supper ready tomorrow before we head to the beach.  I hope you have an excellent June!

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