Saturday, October 23, 2010

Church in the Kitchen

     Last night was one of those treasured memory making nights with friends.  I could honestly tell you I went to church last night in my own kitchen.  When you think about what church is, worshiping God, enjoying Him, learning about Him, praying to Him and all done in the fellowship of other believers.  Yep. I went to church in my kitchen last night.  

   I also won SKA, aka Dutch Blitz.  Wow. That hasn't happened in my known memory! I won as in got to 100 points first.  Must've been the time of morning we played and the growing sleepiness of the other players. NAH it was all skill! That's what it was!  Somewhere in the evening I also did not win Settlers of Catan, but sure had some great conversation while playing it, not that I could specifically tell you about what right now. 

     The conversation ranged from this weeks push it to the limit attitudes from various kids to Bible translations and who owns them to the Breast Plates of righteousness, and yes I pluralized that on purpose.  The thought just makes me laugh. I've got pictures to prove it! Ya had to be there and I'm so glad I was, that they were.  Here that is.  Here in my kitchen being the church, worshiping with me. Laughing, praying, playing, and talking with me, for that I am so thankful. 

     I'm working on about four hours sleep today and doing ok.  Sometimes we need things other than sleep to fill us up.  I needed last night.  I'm looking forward to the next one and thanking God for the women and friends he's put in my life right now.  God is good. 

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