Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preparing for Thanksgiving Day

It's eleven o'clock and I'm perched on my new to me favorite stool just like my grandma has in her kitchen.  The third pumpkin pie is in the oven, strike that, the fourth pumpkin pie is in the oven and the pumpkin cake is waiting for it's turn. It occurs to me that I might be able to scoosh the 9X13 pan in alongside the pizza pan.  Since selling pampered chef I don't even own any metal cookie sheets and times like this make me wish I did!  The cake will take an hour to bake and this Cinderella would love to kiss the pumpkin goodbye before midnight!

I can't really whine.  I'm chatting via instant messenger with my girlfriend.  I don't have to work tomorrow and my sweet husband and kids DID work on cleaning up the house while I was at work today.  I have the cherry cheesecake ready to go, the pecan pie is done too.  Tomorrow I will make corn casserole and let beans simmer while I bake a squash.  Then at noon extra people will arrive at our house to eat a turkey dinner. 

There's still work to be done, but to be honest I'm tired and just can't get up the juice to do it.  When the cake is in the oven I may work on cleaning and slicing veggies. OH, and I do want to make the dip tonight so it's full of flavor for tomorrow.  I adore Epicure Selections and their spice blends.  I think I'm making Smokey Bacon Ranch for tomorrow's dining pleasure.  And the pumpkin pie plethora is seasoned with their pumpkin pie spice.  The cherry cheesecake has their real vanilla.  If I didn't love my rep I'd sell it!

My exhausted husband is already asleep, fully dressed, on top of the covers "listening" to his audio book on my ipod.  He works SO hard for us.  I love that about him. 

My oldest was making the pumpkin pie this evening. Did I already tell you this?  She's getting so grown up and just melts me.  She loves to make pumpkin custard aka pumpkin pie without a shell.  So she mixes her magic and mutters at me about making her use a spice blend instead of measuring the different spices herself. I promise to take the blame if it tastes bad and she can have the credit if it takes good.  But fifteen minutes into the baking process (which according to the recipe is nearly finished.  The recipe lies!) I notice two cans of evaporated milk, unopened.  "Oops", she giggles. 

Superdad races with her to Walmart making it with 20 minutes to spare before closing time and they purchase new pie shells.  She starts the process again and then after mixing it decides she's too tired to finish.  So she is now in her room.  But when I go downstairs a few minutes later is she sleeping? Nooooo, she's reading a book!! Turkey!  

OH JOY!  The pan does fit beside the pizza pan!!! Bedtime has just skipped ahead by 45 minutes WHOOHOOOOOO!!!!   I better get going on the dip.  I hope that your day whether tomorrow is Thanksgiving for you or just another Monday, is a good day with lots to be thankful for. 

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