Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Two heads shared space over a favorite cookbook.  They flipped the pages discussion the merits of one cookie then another.  After several sessions they reached some conclusions.  They each chose at least one recipe they wanted to make.  Boo picked Chocolate Clouds, and Chocolate Almond Biscotti.  Kinz picked Chocolate Sugar Cookies.

So Boo and I went shopping to pick up the almonds we need for her biscotti.  We picked up a chicken for supper, some bread for the party tomorrow and a few other ingredients.  We didn't get baking chocolate so Kinz had to switch cookies and chose peanutbutter blossoms instead. 

Now on my counter there are two dozen Chocolate clouds (Meringue with cocoa and chocolate chips), and a dozen Peanut Butter Blossom cookies.  Dough for the next couple of dozen PBblossoms is ready to go into the fridge and finish tomorrow.  The biscotti will have to wait too.  This mom is whooped.

But the season has begun.  Our first round of Christmas cookies are in process.  Happy Holidays!

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