Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daily Stuff

My couch is covered in clean folded clothing waiting to be put away.  I hate putting laundry away.  So glad the girls are old enough to put it away themselves!

My kitchen is clean. I love that. I love clean countertops, shiny sinks, open space.  Thanks to my two new pantry cupboards my kitchen is looking more open, more spacious than it has in a long time. 

There's one cupboard still in the kitchen that I can't decide if I want to put in the laundry room or leave there.  I have a love/hate relationship with it at the moment as I love the convenience of it but hate the way it is THERE in the way, cluttering up my space. But if it's not there then the stuff inside needs to go back in that same spot but be out in the open, and the other stuff goes back into the cupboards which is fine.  But I could really really use that same pantry cupboard in the laundry room.  I could put the clean linens in it, put the many needed rolls of toilet paper in it, and paper towels too!  Ooh, the possibilities!  Which do I want more? I don't know.

I want my kitchen painted brown.  Blast it all for not getting my stuff together and buying it during the paint sale when I could've got 30% back! I suppose I will simply have to wait for the next sale.  I'm going to paint it (Tim is going to paint it) chocolate brown.  It will go beautifully with my lovely red wall in my living room.  Then I'm going to put some wall-words up.  Just have to decide which ones and then get the money together to buy them.  Coffee is a theme in my kitchen/dining room area.  I'd love a cool poster with all sorts of coffee cool things on it. I love antiques too.

I love it when things are orderly and tidy.  Why is it that it's so hard to keep it there once you get it? 

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