Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Things

Tonight was a plain and simple night of the most wonderful kind.  We had a simple dinner of omelets and toast.  Then we packed up our bags and box for the Library.  I'm thankful we waited until Tim could come too.  He's so good at carrying big heavy things! 

We spent an hour at the library and then stopped at Walmart on our way home to get chocolate chips so I could make him cookies.  Tomorrow he is going hunting for the first time in several years.  He's excited!! He's also excited about homemade cookies.  He called his dad before we left home and checked about taking a lunch.  His dad is bringing ham sandwiches and Tim will bring the chocolate chip cookies.

I started mixing the cookies and realized we had a critical problem.  No brown sugar.  I could make a different cookie but he wanted chocolate chip!  So my sweet husband looked at our middle child who was on her way to bed as the time was already 8:30, and said, "Get your coat and shoes on."  Her face lit up and she hurried to obey.  A daddy date is not something you take your time deciding on, if he offers, GO!  And she did.

They called me from Walmart and confirmed the dark brown sugar would work.  Then he grabbed baking soda for me, and checked for pecans, of which there are none.  He asked if I needed anything else and I said no.  There wasn't. Not that I need.

Just a few minutes later they are home and my sweet middle child sang out, "Delivery for Sara!" She called me into the kitchen to see the treasure she'd found. I knew she had a Twoonie so I expected to see a pack of gum, or a bag of candy.  Instead she held up a frozen Turtle Cake.  The one I had drooled over and put back on our first trip this evening to Walmart. 

She then grinned, her eyes sparkling and told me, "My daddy date's not done, I have to watch him play cars!"  Which means x-box. He looked at me with a sheepish grin and said, "Just ten minutes!" Of course I didn't say a word, just smiled and they scampered down the stairs before I told them it was way too late for her to be up, which it was.  But for a daddy date?  How could I say no?

So I spent the last hour listening to Josh Groban serenade me with Christmas songs while I baked chocolate chip cookies for my husband to take with him hunting tomorrow.  As I sit here I am filled with contentment and thankfulness.  It's been a good day.  

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