Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MWA weekend and a Mini Vacation

It was six months in the making and lasted just 36 or so hours but the memories of our second annual MWA/SKU (ska depending on who spells it) weekend will last forever.  Mom's Weekend Away is what I painted onto the gold stars to give out to those who came.  Sku/ska is a long running nickname for Dutch Blitz and the term of choice to shout out when you need to in the game to indicate you won.  SKA!  There were several games of it this weekend and I happened to be the winner of one!

Last year we had a couple of cottages at Darcy's By The Bay.  It was fun but the cleaning our way out wasn't hugely thrilling.  This year I found a different location thanks to a college friend who had a trip planned to Ontario.  I found Carriage Hills Resort.  There are all sorts of resorts around here but finding one that allowed 8 women in the same space and that didn't cost the earth? That was tricky.  Then our sweet Julia figured out that if she used RCI to book it she could book the week for the same!  SOLD!

And tada we have a MWA weekend and a Mini Vacation rolled into one.  Julia offered the extra days out to anyone who wanted them for $20/night.  In a condo.  Near home.  With a pool. Add those things up and mix in us not going anywhere for Christmas this year, me feeling very sorry for myself because of that and just feeling sad and you get a chance to have some fun anyway. 

Now, what happens at MWA stays at MWA so I can't tell you more details.  Although the chocolate cake recipe (wheatless!) is fantastic and so amazing.  Dense, rich, it's more like eating a truffle or a super rich brownie than cake.  It was amazing. 

On Sunday afternoon the last two ladies headed out.  I had the condo to myself for a couple of hours before Tim and the girls arrived.  I filled the giant tub with water and soaked for a bit. I have to confess that without a book it was boring.  You know a girl doesn't watch much tv when she's sitting in front of one, on a Sunday afternoon and wishes there was something to do and checking the TV for a basketball game or football game doesn't even cross her mind.  Yes, I'm that sad. And Yes, I was that tired.

After Tim and the girls came we went to the pool.  It is an indoor/outdoor pool with a swimout.  They have a hot tub outside too.  This in my opinion is sheer brilliance.  There is nothing like sitting in a tub of hot water when the air is frigid around you.  It's like sticking your tongue out at winter.  Bring it on!

The last couple of days have been fabulous in a simple, quiet way.  I brought no school work.  We had literally nothing to do and it was wonderful.  We swam a couple of times a day.  The girls did an activity yesterday making edible necklaces.  Today they had local vendors set up and we shopped for a little bit and chatted a little bit more.  One of the vendors is neighbors with another homeschooling family we know.  The one night we were swimming G made friends with a little girl only for me to realize the girls is a daughter of a rather new friend.   Small world.

Today I am calm and relaxed.  I'm tired, it's true.  I'm praying I sleep before one tonight. I'd sure love to wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. 

This week is Thanksgiving week in the States.  This Thurs. the girls and I will be back at the condo for a night to play with friends this time.  Just one more small day of fun.  This year instead of sitting at home wishing to be with family and friends I will be with friends.  We probably won't have turkey, maybe pizza instead, but when it comes down to it, it's not really about the food it's about the people. 

I am so thankful for the time we had, for the friends I have and for a God who loves me without strings. 

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