Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I Like

I like quiet.  In a clean room. 

I like chocolate and a good book.

I like the ocean and the gorgeous shells that wash up on it's shores.

I like the beach and the way the sand feels beneath my feet.

I like sunshine and how it warms my skin.

I like fires in a fireplace and watching the flames dance while the heat warms me up clear to my bones.

I like stretching after a yawn.

I like the smell of roses especially on a warm summer day.

I like hugs from people I love.

I like fuzzy socks that don't fit in my shoes but keep my toes warm.

I like chairs big enough to curl up in and soft enough to relax into.

I like the sound of my children laughing, especially the giggles.

I like hot baths in bathtubs you can sink in up to your chin.

I like coffee dates with friends where you talk about anything and everything and the coffee is optional.

I like Moms Nights Out and playing games, laughing and praying with friends.

I like gardening and eating tomatoes out of my own backyard.

I like holding a baby and making them smile.

I like listening to my children as they learn to read, learn to add, learn anything new.

I like long trips to new places I've never been before. 

I like shiney things like diamonds and sparkles and fingernail polish.

I like eating oven warm bread with real butter and honey.

I like waking up in my husbands arms and knowing he loves me unconditionally. 

I like holding hands and walking in the rain, or in the sunshine, or in the dark.

I like watching basketball and cheering for my team.

I like second hand stores and finding amazing deals.

I like ordering foods I've never tried before and finding new favorites.

I like falling asleep in my husbands arms and knowing he loves only me the way I love only him. 

I like real whipped cream right out of the can or on top of gingerbread still warm from baking.

I like standing beside the ocean or a lake.

I like giving gifts to people especially when I find something perfect for them.

I like reading book so good they make me laugh and cry.

I like listening to music that makes me want to dance.

I like caramels with nuts and chocolate.

I like stickers.

I like the way Spanish moss makes trees look like old ladies with shawls on.

I like steak medium rare with sauteed mushrooms.

I like long talks.

I like finding a scripture that speaks to me in a way it never has before.

I like singing songs and hymns.

I like being with friends and family especially on special occasions.

I like my house clean.

I like the colors blue and green and purple and red.

I like welcoming my husband home after he's been at work all day.

I like time away from home and being by myself.

I like the way I feel after I've run a mile or even two.

I like to hear encouraging words.

I like recieving gifts especially those that someone thought about and chose just for me.

I like to encourage and help other people.

I like pedicures and massages.

I like spending time with my husband.

I like eating pizza and hot garlic sticks.

I like puppies, kittens and babies of almost any kind of animal.

I like shooting guns and hitting the target as close to the center as possible.

I like succeeding and making goals.

I like the way my children smell after a bath.

I like life.

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