Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 3 BLAH

BLAH stands for Biggest Loser At Home, in case you were curious.   Yesterday was our week 3 weigh in and while I wasn't thrilled with my 2.5lb loss originally I have come around to seeing it as the positive it is.  In three weeks I have lost 7.5lbs which is an average of 2.5lbs per week.  If I continue with that average, by the time warm weather hits, 20 weeks from now, I will be AT MY GOAL! That would be June 23rd. 

In case you are thinking "She's crazy, it's warm before then!" Let me remind you that I live in Ontario and that this past summer it most certainly was not. LOL  It is spring like weather but it is not really warm weather.  Not the "I'm hot" kind of weather.  Besides, don't wreck my thinking.  HA HA! 

By my birthday in April I can achieve 180lbs.  It's been nearly 5 years since I last saw 180lbs and I didn't get to stay there very long.  This time I'm playing for keeps.  My birthday is not that far away.  I can so do this!

Oh, and back to the Biggest Loser At Home update.  I am in the top 10!!  I would love to make it into the top 5 but right now it is filled with some very hard working women.  I've got my work cut out for me.  I'm holding my breath that I can really win this.  Inside I believe I can but I'm afraid to believe too hard.  Regardless if I win the money or not I will have won so much!  But the money is a lovely thought, a truly wonderful, "Just think what curriculum I could buy with that! And maybe a pair of jeans too!" thought.  It's fun to imagine.  But day dreaming won't get me where I want to be.  My actions will. 

So here's to actions that speak louder than my words!! Here's to Ipods and TobyMac.  Here's to friends and family who encourage!  Here's to God who not only put the desire in my heart but set plans in motion that I would never have dreamed of asking for.  Thank you!! 

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