Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Six Weeks In

I am six weeks in to the Biggest Loser At Home challenge.  I am 11lbs lighter and 15.5 inches smaller.  I can run over a mile.  I've lifted over 100,000 lbs.  My jeans are too big.  My shirts fit. I had to buy a belt.  I'm getting up at 5 in the morning most weekdays and exercising about an hour each time. 

All of those things I count as successes and I am happy to have conquered them.

Now here's the flipside.  It feels like it is taking forever.   I want more off, faster.  I want to not only participate in this BLAH challenge I want to WIN!  With lots of things I feel no need for competition.  But this is one of those things I most certainly do and to deny it would be to lie.  ($400-600!!!!!)

So what else will it take to help me not only keep going but win?  That I'm not sure.  I'm researching Interval training.  I've already added Strength Training.  ST won't help me drop lbs quickly but will help over the long run and improve the way I look taking me from round and squishy to smaller and tighter.  I am contemplating adding in more exercise.  More workouts.  I've done well up to now with what I'm doing.  I'm really not knocking it! I am just ready for more.  Ready to kick it up a notch.  This is the middle stretch and I have a choice, keep going as I am and possibly plateau or kick it up a notch and pray that it works. 

My diet has been pretty good.  I did have a normal week of blah, you can probably guess which week that would be!  But I'm back on track, Lord willing, to stay.  What can I do there to make it better?  Perhaps reduce carbs and up protein.  My veggie intake is good.  My fat is even ok.  Could be lower, but I'm getting it from healthy sources for the most part.  My water intake is good. 

In a dream world I could have a personal trainer, and a cook, possibly a nutritionist too. But I am not a celebrity, nor do I really want to share the credit for my hard work.  I am doing this, with support from many people but it won't be because someone else took care of the tiny details for me.  Oh, and before you think I'm getting really cocky, I am 100% aware that it is GOD changing me and working in me that has got me this far.  Me, getting up at 5:15 in the morning. . . you don't really think I take credit for that, do you?! lol

November 2009

Feb. 2010

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  1. Sara - what a difference!! That's fantastic!!

    OK - while the strength training may not help you take off pounds fast, it WILL help you more than cardio alone. You get a longer "afterburn" with strength training, which means you're burning more calories post-workout than cardio alone. I'm LOVING Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones" - kicks my butt every time, but I really love it. Possibly even more than the Shred, if that's possible!!

    If you think you can handle it, do some honest calorie-counting. And by "honest", I mean every.single.mouthful or lick of food... it's amazing how quickly those little things add up. I'm appalled some days.

    I'm proud of you for getting this far - keep going, you can do it!!