Saturday, May 28, 2011

Simply Amazing

  Today was fabulously wonderful.  I enjoyed it. Every single minute of it. Waking up to hearing happy sounds in the kitchen felt great.  I snitched a piece of bacon before heading out the door to the final convention of the year for me. I know, I was spoiled this year getting to attend three! Today's is the one with the used books sale. 

  USED BOOK SALE of HOMESCHOOL BOOKS!  Oh, the bliss!  The curriculum.  The novels.  The joy of discovering just what you were hoping for and finding it's a price that fits the budget and makes you laugh.  Sheer pleasure!  Last year I was a seller. This year I was a buyer.  I enjoy both, but I think I gained more pleasure buying, it was delightful.  If I could do both I can't imagine. Bliss.

  Moments after stepping into the church where the conference was held I noticed the free tables were especially large this year.  Someone had generously donated, was giving, large amounts of paper.  Teachers, and homeschoolers go giddy over some of the silliest things.  A new box of crayons, notebooks, cracking open a new book, finding an old favorite, and paper all make my list!  I restrained myself and took 5 blank notebooks, the small journal sized for the girls or maybe visitors to use.   Then walked over to the free books table. I happened there just as a woman was unloading a box.  She handed out TWO books I'd been looking over and had resisted purchasing. Then she handed me a couple more she recommended including a critical thinking program and music flash cards. :) I Love Homeschool moms. Shoot, I love any mom who gives me good books!

  I browsed the vendor hall and was so disappointed to see that there was no game sales person there.  I must contact them and tell them I'm sorry they were not. I had fully intended to purchase a game today! 

  It was lovely visiting with friends.  Seeing some I haven't for quite a while.  Others I've just seen recently but it always makes my day to see them.  I'm blessed with excellent women as friends.  In fact I was enjoying my time so much I nearly forgot to line up for the used book sale!! ACK!

  I jumped into line and not a moment too soon.  Within minutes the line had doubled.  The anticipation and laughter went hand in hand as we waited to enter the room.  It made me laugh that a teen was standing in the hall asking us to "SHHH!" because there was still a session in session.  There's a reverse for ya! 

  Walking through the used book sale I immediately began to find items on my list.  Teaching Textbooks Algebra! Write Shop, Streams of Civilization, A Child's History of the World, some Trixie Belden books, some age 6 level mystery stories, and Apologia Botany for a couple of years down the road.  Then, ladies and gentlemen, I found the box that made me stand and nearly chew my nails off.  I thought hard because it wasn't a small amount, but a fabulous price on what was in the box.  Sonlight Core 7 (not sure what they're calling it this year, I forget, they changed the labeling but it's the same stuff!). It is nearly new, complete, and oh people, it made me smile.  :)  I could not have purchased the books individually, even used, at what she sold it to me for.  I didn't even try to negotiate price, it was so good. :)

  At the very last minute as I ran back to purchase one last thing, the women at that table started offering me things free.  Have I mentioned I love good books and people that give them?  They packed a box and I now have in my resources I didn't even know existed about homeschool in high school! 

  Ya know what's super cool about that?  I have been thinking about and wanting to start a homeschool library.  To have resources and samples of curriculum that people can borrow and try.  My local library has very very little by way of homeschool things.  The one in the next city has more.  But still, not quite what I want to do.  The library is part A.  a used curriculum and books store is part B.  But we'll take it as God gives it.  Well, one of those ladies came over to me after and handed me a not inexpensive curriculum on spelling, Phonic Zoo.  She said she thought the library was a great idea and this was my first donation to it. WOW! :)  After she left, I nearly cried and I definitely got goosebumps! 

  Now I have some more thinking and figuring out to do.  Some more gathering of doubles of resources, although I already loan out mine to those I trust.  I'd need doubles of ones I love so I don't feel upset if one is ruined or not returned.   If you've ever done a lending library sort of thing, I'd love to hear how you did it!

  That's all.  Just had to share how cool it was today! :) 

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