Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunshine Miracle

  Today a glimpse of things to come graced Central Ontario.  Warm breezes, blue skies, and lots and lots of sunshine!  It was supposed to rain.  That little detail was taken care of by the maker of blue skies and sunny days.  All week the forecast called for cool temperatures and rain.  Yesterday it did rain.   Yesterday. Do you know how perfect that is?  Let me tell you. 

  Last week dd2 asked to do a food drive this week.   I sent out the e-mail and mom's replied, YES, this week would work.  So we arranged to take flyers around on Wednesday and then pick up on Friday.  It's Super Simple.  Then Monday came and I looked ahead to the weather. Not good.  Tuesday night I checked the forecast, still not good.  But rain or shine we were going to take around the 300 flyers already printed.

  Wednesday felt cool and a bit windy but the forecast said perhaps rain in the afternoon.  Yet at 1:30 we gathered to start putting flyers in mailboxes and no rain.  Not a drop.  It went overcast and looked like it might but it didn't.  Excellent! In fact it was warm and with the breeze felt just perfect.

  Thursday, the forecast said and Friday and Saturday it would rain.  All day, highly likely is what the spots I checked said.  I can honestly say I didn't worry.  We wouldn't melt.  We could pick up the food donated if it rained on Friday.  Thursday it rained and even the power went off for awhile!  But it soon cleared away.

  Friday dawned cold!  But the promise of sun was in the blue skies.  We dressed in layers and are so thankful we did!  The sun came out, it didn't rain at all and today is one of those pre-true summer summer type days.  On the long weekend no less!! (Here in Canada this weekend is Victoria Day weekend, also known as May 2-4 weekend.)

  As the kids were unloading the food from the backs of the vans today a car pulled into the food bank driveway and the driver asked what was going on, was it a food drive?  Yes, the homeschooled children had collected food donated by people in town and were bringing it in now.  So the driver, who is also a reporter asked if she could take their picture.  How cool!  :)  Maybe they'll be in the paper.  Maybe not.  Either way, it was fun! 

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