Monday, May 30, 2011

Unplugged in two days!

  On June 1st our family will be going Unplugged for the month.  The exception will be that I will do bills, work etc. online, and check e-mail at least once a day.  Since that is a main mode of communication and I can access it on my phone quickly without getting pulled in to spending way more time than I meant to while doing so, as I often do on the computer. 

  Unplugged, can you imagine it?  I'm so curious to find out how our month goes.  We have plans!  On Wednesday we are going to the beach, barring any rain.  And if it does rain, we'll go bowling.  Free Bowling For Kids is something I signed up for earlier in May and our first coupons arrived yesterday! Tim is looking forward to it too.

Some things on our list of what to do while we're not watching movies, playing computer games, playing ds's, playing Wii are: 

*Go to the beach OFTEN
*Read books
*Listen to books read aloud
*Go bowling
*Paint pictures
*Sew American Girl Clothes
* Bake
*Take food to people
*Possibly do another food drive
*Go to the Wye Marsh
*Go Fishing
*Write stories
*Clean (ya, the girls aren't excited about that one!)
*Possibly do a garage sale/lemonade stand
*Go for walks
*Ride bikes
*Play board games
*Go to Blackcreek Pioneer Village
*Possibly camp out in the backyard
*Collect bottles along snowmobile trails
*Bike along the paved biking trails and see how far we go

How many days are in June?  We might need a few more unplugged. We'll see!  The girls and I will also still be doing their school work.  I'd like to work with them on creating a lapbook. Something I've been meaning to do and haven't for a couple of years. 

There is yardwork begging to be completed. Perhaps with the lack of computer time, some of it will be!  The yard is already looking much improved with just a week worth of work going into it!  Then there's the things in the house like too many clothes and *gasp* books.  Books are hard to part with, but I think we have some that can be given to others to love. 

This Unplugged idea isn't just for the girls.  In fact, secretly, it's probably more for me.  I am the one who all too often wastes entire days sitting behind a screen and wondering why nothing is done.   Funny how dishes, laundry, and cleaning don't do themselves!! I can easily replace an internet time filler with other things, often books. So I will also be working to not simply spend my time reading candy books, you know the ones that are a fun fast read but don't really do anything for your mind or spirit?  I have a pile a foot high on my bookshelf of GOOD books waiting to be read and at least a shelf worth of on the shelf waiting too.  Then there is the box of curriculum just purchased on Sat. that could use a good overview by me.  It's hard to discuss a book I haven't read.  Perhaps Dd1 and I will tackle Core 7 together starting in June. Why not?

The opportunities are wide open and I look forward to discovering them.  While I won't be blogging, I am going to go get a new notebook, I love new notebooks!, and journal through the month.  In July I hope to share some of the good days and maybe even some of what I learn.  This may be my last post until then.  So, in case I don't get back here tomorrow, enjoy the month of June!

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