Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mmmm Coffee!

I like coffee.  I like it hot and I like it cold.  I do not like it lukewarm, I won't drink it. I like it with half & half, not milk and definitely not sugar! However, I also like flavored creamers which are sweet.  But those are for afternoon coffee, like right now.  Not for first thing in the morning coffee.

I like Starbuck frou frou coffees, mostly because they drizzle real caramel in my Caramel Macchiatto and top it all off with a full froth of whipped cream.  The real stuff, not the edible vegetable biproduct icky junk.  Mmmm. Coffee.

I drink decaf.  It's not the caffeine I crave because I don't crave caffeine.  In fact I avoid caffeine, it makes me feel funny and makes my mind spin at night instead of falling asleep.  Since as you can probably guess I have trouble getting to sleep in the first place caffeine is not my friend. 

It's the smell.  The flavor.  The taste of a really good cup of coffee that pulls me and makes me sigh with pleasure.  It's the remembering of good friends I've shared chats with while sipping a cup.  It's the flashback to "kid coffee" at my Grandma's house, more milk than coffee but still a special treat.   

Right now I'm sipping a cup of decaf Tim Horton's coffee with a healthy dollop of Vanilla Toffee Caramel creamer in it.  Wish you were here to share it with me.  That would make it taste even better. 

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