Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today, I saw the sunrise.

Today I left the house in the dark.  A friend picked me up and we went to the Y.  We exercised and then she brought me home.  Again, in the dark.  Then I sat in my favorite chair and watched as light filled the sky.  I'm not even crabby! I've been wanting to try getting up early to exercise and start my day and today was the day it happened.

I guess technically I didn't see the sun itself rise, but I did see it go from dark to light.  I've been thinking these last few days about how much I miss the sun.  I miss the way it brightens everything.  I miss the warmth of its rays. 

It crossed my mind that in the same way the Son can be missed in my life.  I feel gloomy, I feel sad and feel listless when I miss the Son.  When I'm reading His word things are brighter.  I feel warmth from His love. 

It's interesting to me that the same word, spelled differently stands for both the Light of the World and the light that rules the day.  I need both, desperately.  When they are missing in my life I feel it in ways I can't even describe completely. 

May your day today be filled with both Sunshine and the Son. 

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