Monday, January 11, 2010

Momentum Lost and Momentum Gained

I think it's fair to say that I have a somewhat short attention span when it comes to hard work.  If there's a goal I can see then I can push through and make it, but if it's around the corner I'm apt to sit down and eat some chocolate while I get frustrated about how far away the goal is.  My January plans to begin where I left off in early December for getting healthy pretty much stalled at the Start line.  We're a third of the way through the month and I'm aimless.  I have no motivation and no goal, at least until tonight.

Then tonight, in walked a girl offering a Spa Package at a significantly lower price than if you bought the treatments separately.  It's been nearly 3 years since I went to this Spa last and I adored it when I did go.  Tim let me go for my 30th B'day and it was pretty much the best birthday ever.  So as soon as she told me what and how much my mind went, "INCENTIVE!"    The start date to be able to use it is Feb 1st.  I'm going to pretend it says Feb. 12th.    That gives me 30 days from tomorrow to make a difference.  I want to say 10lbs, but I think that is pushing it.  Five is do-able, but maybe just a touch too doable.  So perhaps I'll settle on 7? 

Then after I came home I read an e-mail from a friend.  There's  Biggest Loser type challenge happening and she's participating.  I thought to myself when I read it that that would be so neat, but she lives in Alberta, I live in Ontario.  Way too far away to do it.  But she said you don't have to live near her!! Wait, what?!  Seriously?  So I am excited about the potential to joining in on their challenge!  I need to give some thought to my goals for not just the next 30 days but the next 90. 

What do you know, that puts me just right before a particularly important day to me.  My 33rd birthday!  I'm getting excited.  I can almost feel it.  The desire to eat right, to pay attention.  The desire to put on a dvd and move my body!  The desire to get on the treadmill!!! YAY! 

I do believe I may have found some motivation!

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  1. I agree completely and thanks for posting this! Ditto for me almost word for word...except we are wanting to go on a trip in 2 years down to So.Cal and take the girls to Disneyland (and Shaun as he's never been) and just visit down there with family and see the sights as Shaun's never been and I haven't been for awhile :). SO that will be my "home" trip. So nice. Keep going girl!
    I;m off to walk :)
    Love ya! Tama