Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Survival

It's nearly time to go to sleep.  Now would be a good time to turn off the computer and start trying to fall asleep.  It takes me awhile.  I'm so jealous of the way Tim can just close his eyes and be sleeping within minutes.  I've never ever been that way.  I can remember laying awake trying to fall asleep for hours when I was about 9 or 10.  Light off, just trying to go to sleep. 

Anyway,  I wanted to come on and report that today I made good choices.  All day long.  I didn't eat the chips.  I didn't buy the Kit Kat bar, which I love.  I used the same self talk I do on the treadmill, convincing myself I can go just a little bit further, just a little bit longer.  Instead of chips while playing games today I ate frozen blueberries and raspberries then drank a big glass of water.  Instead of a whole candy bar or 3 Lindor chocolates I ate a bite of the chocolate truffle I bought on Wednesday.  Then I had a few Digestive cookies and a cup of tea. 

I have a bag of salad and some lunch meat ready for taking to lunch tomorrow.  I bought bananas and more clementines so we all have good snacks again for tomorrow.  Good choices, little by little I'm making good choices.  Sometimes it's easy peasy.  Other times it's incredibly hard.  But I'm doing it, with God's help.

I am actually counting down days til Tuesday.  Til it's time to weigh in.  Despite wanting to know if this hard work is making a difference or not I did not step on the scale.  As a chronic scale watcher this has been hard, but I think it's good for me.  It was really exciting to see a 3.5 lb drop last week.  I'm hoping for more this week.  Secretly I'm hoping to blow past my 10lb goal for Jan.  :-)  I know it's not totally realistic but I have worked hard.  So it's a possibility.   I promise to not lose heart if it doesn't happen.  It's that time of the month that the scale is likely to reflect water retention weight. If ya know what I mean. 

Tim talked about me today to his sisters.  He told me he's proud of me.  He told his sisters he's proud of me! That's pretty cool.  I like hearin git.  I like positive reinforcement and I love encouragement.  I'm thankful to have a husband who believes in me and loves me no matter what.  I'm thankful for friends and family who love me and support me as well. 

Thanks to all of you. 

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