Friday, January 15, 2010

Pay Day! And Other Happy Things.

Yippee!! It's the day I've been waiting for for two weeks.  Pay Day!  I can go and get a new kettle for us, it's been sorely missed the last couple of weeks since leaving it at my sister's house.  I can pick up the little bits of groceries we need, although because of my big shop just before January we're pretty good.  Supper is already planned for tonight, another WHOOHOO! 

I'm also looking forward to Sunday.  We're going to go check out a church I've been wanting to check out for a couple of years.  Harvest Bible in Barrie.  Then afterwards Tim has to go to the Boat Show to take down.  The girls and I however get to play!  I'm thinking Costco for lunch, The Disney Store and Bath & Body Works and maybe Goodwill before heading home.  We may even split a Caramel Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. YUM! 

Tonight I have a date with two of my good friends.  It's been way too long since we've had time to chat and tonight that's exactly what the plan is.  Drink tea/coffee and chat.  I've been looking forward to it since last week.  The only downer is that I need to be in bed at a decent time so I can be nice to people for five hours tomorrow at Home Depot, starting at 7 a.m.  Gulp.  I've been staying in bed until almost 9 or later lately.  In fact it's almost ten now and I'm sitting in my bed as I type. 

Before you gasp and feel appalled, I've been up.  I've had breakfast and so have the girls.  I've also paid bills.  I've been awake since 8:30, just happily getting things done from here.  :) 
My muscles are a titch sore today from doing the Biggest Loser workout yesterday.  That's four days in a row of physical activity for me.  I'm on the right track!!  Yesterday I managed to get full and consume my full allotment of calories.  I then went over a tiny bit because the girls had made apple pie.  I had to have a small piece!  But considering I also worked and walked for 3 hours I'm thinkin' it all evens out. 

On another positive note, for the first time in several days I didn't wake up after having a nightmare!  The one yesterday was awful so I'm very happy to have it be just a dream.  My dad is healthy and happy, not dying from a brain tumor.  I told you it was a bad dream. 

Okay, the girls are coming in to talk to me which is a good sign it's time!  Time to get going on school.  Time to get on with our day.  This is IT! :D

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