Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts On Staying Home

These last three days I have been able to stay home.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to work, and for the five days following that I am also scheduled to work.  Welcome back to reality for me. 

I'm thinking about changing my reality.  I would like to find something that would allow me to be at home, earn what I need to earn and still be home.  I'm even considering Daycare and I do not like daycare.  The thing is, it's not exactly Daycare I'm considering so much as seeing about taking one or two littles into our home to love.  No more than two. 

I miss babies.  I miss toddlers.  It hasn't been that long since my girls were toddlers but it feels like forever.  I've got enough distance now to want some of it back.  The gooey grins, the slobbery smiles, the snuggles while reading books before naps.  Even the tantrums that make you crazy and laugh at the same time. 

So I'm thinking about checking into what it would take to have a baby or two into our home.  My oldest would absolutely love helping to take care of a little.  Our homeschooling is going well and I think we could do it.  Maybe.

I'm open to other options and ideas.  If you have some, do share.  I do not have a degree.  I love to write and adore reading.  I don't really have or take the time to write since for me it's an all or nothing thing.  I either fall all the way into it or I don't want to go there.  I can't do it just a little.  Besides writing takes months and years to start earning.  With my current schedule I don't have time to do that kind of research etc.  Nor would I know where to start. 

Just putting a voice to thoughts that have been in my head for quite awhile.  I like Home Depot and the people I work with.  I hate leaving the house, leaving my family evenings and weekends to be there.  If there were something else. . . .:) Just thinking. 

Home Depot also offers 50% coverage for dental, but in reality that coverage has done very little for us.  It's only for every 9 months for exams and cleanings. There's a deductible that must be met every year, so really it's paying about 25% of our bill for the girls.  So I'm working my tail off for what?

Oh yeah, to pay down debt.  I know.  I remember.  I've checked our budget.  My head is on straight.  Just wishful thinking. No, make that prayerful thinking.  I like being home.  I like the way our home is looking after I've been home for 3 days with no work over my head. 

Just thinking. :)


  1. Depending on how much you need to earn...we take in college students (ESLI and Canadian). We live near a university to it's not hard to get students. Something to check into anyway. And college kids are great fun and our girls enjoy them immensely! Brings in between $600-$800 per student. They would need a room. Some places want you to share. Also...there is something Homeschool Canada does...they place kids in homes from overseas and you homeschool them for 6ish weeks. They pay $1200/month. It's to help them learn their English. I know those aren't toddler ideas...but if you want more info on the Homeschool Canada thing I will look into it for you.
    Love ya, T.

  2. I'd be interested in the Homeschool Canada thing. We do not have a room available for having all to themselves though.